Fabian Schnedler (Germany; voice)

Fabian Schnedler (b. 1973, Berlin) studied Yiddish and German Literature at Trier University and graduated in Literature, Performance Studies and Ethnomusicology at Freie Universitaet Berlin. He has been a student at Ernst Busch drama school, and worked as an actor with Robert Wilson amongst others.

Schnedler studied Yiddish song and dance at festivals in Oxford, Brussels, Weimar, Krakow and New York with Michael Alpert, Steve Weintraub, Adrienne Cooper, Alan Bern, Beyle Schaechter-Gottesman or Sruli Dresdner. He taught Yiddish Singing at Yiddish Summer Weimar and Klezkanada.

Together with Franka Lampe (accordion) he founded Schikker wi Lot in 2002, since 2008 the duo is engaged with “Ganovim-Lider” (Thieves' songs). Schikker wi Lot's aim is to stage these unheard song collection by Shmuel Lehman.

“What ways of performing Yiddish music can we find today?” This questions became a motor in Schnedler's work in the last years. With his Yiddpop-project he found a very personal musical answer: FAYVISH brings together Singer/Songwriter, Indiepop and Yiddish music.

In 2012 he gave idea to and took part in the "Semer Project" a cooperation with Alan Bern, Lorin Sklamberg, Paul Brody among others. The idea of the project is to perform Yiddish and Jewish Songs that have been recorded in 1930s Berlin. The program had it's premiere at the Jewish Museum Berlin. Fabian Schnedler works at the educational department of the Jewish Museum.