Voice of Ashkenaz (Ukraine/Israel, USA, Germany)

"East meets West" takes on a new meaning in "Voices of Ashkenaz!" The musicians from the USA, Ukraine/Israel and Germany are dedicated to the atmospherically rich sounds of a new crossover: Yiddish songs and their German parallels.

Many Yiddish and German folk songs have common roots in Renaissance Era "Ashkenaz" (Heb. Germany). For the first time in hundreds of years, this globe-trotting ensemble restores this repertoire and takes the listener along on a journey through two cultures that are so close but often seem so far. Through song, they rediscover each other.

"A global coopeartion bearing very beautiful fruit." (Fürther Nachrichten)

Svetlana Kundish (Ukraine/Israel): Vocals, guitar
Deborah Strauss (USA): Violin, vocals
Thomas Fritze (D): Bass, guitar, vocals
Andreas Schmitges (D): Guitar, mandolin, vocals

Photo: Antje Seeger