„A shtim fun harts” July 20, 27 & August 10, 17 @Musikschule, 20:00 / August 3 @mon ami, 20:00

Directed by Sasha Lurje with the help of Yiddish Summer Faculty, Artists-in-Residence, Participants and you, our guests!

This summer we bring back the Shabes-inspired, Friday evening event that became an integral part of the Yiddish Summer Weimar program in 2010 & 2011. In traditional Jewish life Shabes is a day of rest, prayer, reflection and community. Inspired by that tradition, we invite you to join us every Friday night to share songs, music and stories, not as our audience but as our guests. The teachers and participants will bring in their own personal stories, favorite songs, melodies, even jokes and anything else they feel like sharing, and we invite you to do the same. Neither a concert nor a religious event, "A shtim fun harts" is a time set aside to celebrate being together.
Since the teachers, artists, students and guests of Yiddish Summer Weimar change from week to week, each Friday night will be a unique event reflecting a unique circle of people. Directed by Sasha Lurje.
Contact: Sasha Lurje


Film „Der zerbrochene Klang@Lichthaus Kino
July 24 19:00 / 31 21:30 / August 06 19:00 / 16 21:30

Prize-winning documentary film (D, 2011) directed by Yvonne and Wolfgang Adrä about "The Other Europeans," an ensemble of 14 klezmer and lautar musicians from 8 countries exploring shared roots in Bessarabia (present-day Moldova), conceived and led by Alan Bern, produced by othermusic e.V. with partial EU funding.

Until the beginning of the 20th century, Jewish and Roma musician families intermarried and live and played together in Bessarabia. These Klemmer and lautar musicians formet a common music culture that was destroyed by WWII.
70 Lears later, 14 internationally celebrated musicians from all over the world set off on a journey into their past. Their musical search for a broken sound leads them to ecstatic music, but also and unexpectedly to some very painful insights into their own identities and places as Jews and Roma inside and outside of Europe.


Yuri's Yiddish Evening 30.07. @OMA, 20:00

An evening of stories and reflections in and about Yiddish, by Yuri Vedenyapin (USA), of Columbia University and the Yiddish Book Center. Yuri will talk about Yiddish education in America and will share some of his personal experiences from his five-year stint as the Yiddish Preceptor at Harvard University and his work at other institutions.  What prompts college students to take Yiddish and how far do most of them go with it?  How does secular Yiddish education intersect with the everyday use of Yiddish in Hassidic communities, which often live only a short subway ride away from major universities with Yiddish course offerings?  And what role does music play in all of this?
Followed by a jam session.


Lecture Music in yiddish Film 07.08. @OMA, 20:00

Eve Sicular will discuss the fascinating power of music in vintage Yiddish film soundtracks, from tango to tragic lullaby and beyond. The repertoire includes the tenement wedding scene from Maurice Schwartz’s Uncle Moses, the cabaret tango from American Matchmaker, the rabbi’s court from The Dybbuk, a cantor’s conflict between traditional khazones and the Warsaw Opera, as well as melodies from newsreels of the Moscow Yiddish Theater and swinging tunes from Molly Picon’s Polish films. Sicular, a Harvard-educated film historian, drummer/bandleader for Metropolitan Klezmer and Isle of Klezbos, and former YIVO film & photo curator, discusses the interchange between Yiddish and mainstream in popular culture.

>> "Music in Yiddish Cinema" Program
>> "the Yiddish Celluloid Closet"