Advanced Song Workshop July 21-28

With Barbara Boock, Itzik Gottesman, Diana Matut, Ethel Raim, Andreas Schmitges, Jeff Warschauer Artists in Residence Svetlana Kundish, Andrea Pancur, Deborah Strauss
lider fun mayrev un mizrekh – brikn tsvishn tsaytn un lender
Songs from West and East – Bridges between Time and Space read more 


Yiddish Language Classes:
In 2012, we're delighted to be able to offer three week-long, intensive Yiddish courses: Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced! The courses build on one another and you can take all three in a row. The third course, taught by Professor Simon Neuberg, requires a strong prior knowledge of Yiddish, and if you work hard in the first two courses, you can be ready for it.

If you only have one or two weeks free, then of course you can also take just one or two courses, as always, according to your Yiddish language ability. Graduates of the Intermediate course in 2011 are more than welcome in Prof. Neuberg's course this year.

So you can study Yiddish in 3½ weeks this summer in Weimar with some of the best teachers and specialists in the world, surrounded by the incredibly rich cultural program of jam sessions, concerts and other events of Yiddish Summer Weimar.

The Yiddish courses are being offered in cooperation with the Seminar for Jewish Studies, University of Halle-Wittenberg. College students can receive credit for their participation. For more information about this, please send an email to Andreas Schmitges:

beginning July 21-28
With Dorothea Greve
The Hebrew alphabet ("square script") is the key to one of the world's richest and most fascinating cultures that originated 1000 years ago in the Rhineland...
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intermediate July 30 - August 5
With Yuri Vedenyapin
This course will be aimed at those interested in learning the Yiddish language and exploring the diverse history and culture of Ashkenazic Jewry.
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advanced August 7-14
With Simon Neuberg
In 1923, Max Weinreich, who was to become an outstanding authority on Western and Eastern Yiddish, published a modern Yiddish prose...
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Introduction to Klezmer Music, Yiddish Song & Yidishkayt August 1-5

With Dorothea Greve, Mark Kovnatskiy, Franka Lampe, Andrea Pancur, Emma Stiman
Let's say you are an instrumentalist or a singer, you've been to a concert of klezmer music, Yiddish song, or to a Yiddish dance, maybe you own some Yiddish music CDs or maybe you've read something about Yiddish culture or literature. read more 


Dance Music Orchestra July 31-August 5

With Alan Bern, Georg Brinkmann, James Hewitt Artists in Residence Eve Sicular, Vanessa Vromans, Vivien Zeller

"It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing..." read more 


Dance for Everyone August 1-5

With Lieven Baert, Andreas Schmitges, Deborah Strauss, Steven Weintraub Artists in Residence Hélène (Khayele) Domergue-Zilberberg, Hinrich Langeloh, Vivien Zeller
When you think of Yiddish dance, do you also think of Renaissance dance? Or of John Playford and his work "The English Dancing Master" (1651)? No? read more 


Children's Songs Workshop August 6-10

With Diana Matut, Andreas Schmitges
About the green duck, the brown bear and the butterfly – Songs for litte and big children read more 


Advanced Instrumental Workshop August 7-14

With Zev Feldman, Avery Gosfeld, James Hewitt, Joel Rubin, Eliyahu Schleifer, Deborah Strauss  Artists in Residence Evi Heigl, Jeff Warschauer
Klezmer music, like the Yiddish language itself, resonates with the history of other times and places, other languages, other musics. read more 


100 Year Anniversary, Belf's Romanian Orchestra August 16-18

With Jerome Block, David Brossier, Lauren Clouet, Amit Weisberger
Freylekhs Brider (the Belf Project 1912 – 2012)
 read more 


Klezmer, Yiddish song and Culture beginning and intermediate levels: August 16-21

With Janina Wurbs (both) Beginning: Rosi Dasch, Katharina Müther, Emma Stiman
Intermediate: Sasha Lurje, Merlin Shepherd, Ilya Shneveys, Jake Shulman-Ment
This workshop is for you if: 1) you've already had an introduction to klezmer or Yiddish song in Yiddish Summer or elsewhere...
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