Lieven Baert (Belgium; choreographer, theatre director)

Director, Institute for Historical Dance Practice in Ghent, Belgium
Conseil International de la Danse, UNESCO

Lieven Baert is a professional choreographer, dance teacher, performer and theatre director. Over his 30-year-long career, he has been dancing, choreographing and directing productions in Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, Sweden, the UK and Netherlands, Japan, Mexico, Russia, and the USA.

International collaborations include work with Philip Pickett, Barbara Sparti, the ensemble L’Eventail Paris, the Bavarian Academy for Early Music, the Royal Opera Ghent, and Warsaw Chamber Opera. He is guest teacher at the Dance Academies of Stockholm and Re Juan Carlos, Madrid. He also works on outreach and youth programmes for the Royal Ballet School of Belgium and the Royal Opera of Flanders.

As a producer at historical festivals, he specializes in creative reconstructions of repertoire from the medieval to the early modern period. As such, he devises special concepts based on the people and locations in question.

Mr. Baert has a successful track record of managing highly diverse casts, making participants of different ability collaborate, and fostering the potential of each to their best ability.

He directs events at Germany’s largest historical festival, the ‘Landshut Wedding’, where he is responsible of the ‘Tanzspiel’, a dance spectacle based on 15th-century sources and involving over 80 professionals and amateurs.