David Brossier (France; violin)

Born in 1983, David learned violin as a child. Quite early he was introduced to the traditional music of the Alps region and started playing in the band Les Violons du Rigodon (Alps traditional music for violins). Later he discovered Romanian and Bulgarian music and soon it became his primary passion. He traveled several times to Romania (and speaks Romanian) where he made many contacts with local traditional musicians. He also learned to play Greek, Bulgarian, and Klezmer music. At present he plays with: Glik (klezmer music), Paka Paka Corporation (Greek music) and Orhan Kilis (Turkish music).

>> www.davidbrossier.com
>> www.myspace.com/davidbrossier
>> www.glik.fr/Glik.html
>> www.myspace.com/pakapakacorporation
>> www.myspace.com/orhankilis