Vivien Zeller (Germany; violin)

is a freelance musician and teacher of traditional music. Growing up in a musical family, she began to play violin at the age of 5. Since the age of 16 she has dedicated herself to traditional music, especially that of Germany and Scandinavia. Courses and Concerts have brought her throughout Europe where she was exposed to various approaches to playing, which she has sought to integrate in numerous bands and formations. In her courses she works to find the specific “groove” of the individual dance and seeks to help participants understand the connections between Dance/Dancers and Music/Musicians.
Bands: Malbrook, Kwart, T.K.P, and others.

2007 Band for Special Dance (Polonaise) at TFF Rudolstadt
2010 German Ruth Prizewinner with Kwart at TFF Rudolstadt
Since 2009 organizer of Klangrauschtreffen