Franka Lampe (Germany; accordion)

was born in 1969 and began teaching herself Accordion in 1989 before becoming a student of Alan Bern. She has played with numerous groups of Klezmer and East European musicians, and she is currently a member of the "Andrea Pancur Kapelye", "Klezmers Techter", "Ljuti Hora", the "modern klezmer quartet", "Out of Oro", "Schikker wi Lot" and with Jalda Rebling.
She has played as a guest with, among others, the "Ot Azoj Klezmerband" (NL), "TangoToy" (D), "Brave Old World" (USA), "Kasbek Klezmer-Ensemble" (D), "Sukke" (D/NL/GB) and "Di Fidl Kapelye" (NL).

She is active as a theatre musician and composer at the Gorki Theater, the Shakespeare Ensemble, and the Black Swan Theater in Berlin as well as teaching at "Musica Viva", "amj" and "Yiddish Summer Weimar".

Franka Lampe has performed on tour throughout Belgium, Denmark, England, France, Holland, Austria, Poland, Switzerland, Spane, the Czech Republic, Tunisia, and the USA.
Translation: Jason Denner