Forshpil (Riga)

is a cutting-edge, young Latvian band with a unique take on traditional Yiddish music. Inspired by world music, rock and jazz, FORSHPIL has invented a new sound for Yiddish love songs, Hassidic nigunim and klezmer melodies. At times intense and driving, then intimate and lyrical, the band’s jazzy, cool approach taps a deep and hidden vein of Jewish soul music.
FORSHPIL was founded in 2003 in Riga, Latvia. Since then, the musicians have traveled around the world, studying, performing and teaching at music festivals in Latvia, Europe, Russia and North America. In 2009 the album "Borsh" recorded with Latvian rock band Dzelzs Vilks was nominated for the Latvian Music Awards as the Best Alternative Music Album.

Sasha Lurje – voice
Ilya Shneyveys – keyboards
Aleksandr Aleksandrov – guitar
Dzintars Viksna – drums, percussion