Vivien Zeller (Germany; violin)

(b. 1977) is a professional musician and a teacher of instrumental music and dance. At the age of five, she convinced her parents to let her learn the violin. Since age 16, she has dealt almost exclusively with traditional dance music and associated dances - mainly from Germany and Scandinavia.
Whether dance or instrumental courses, whether on the stage or the dance floor - dance music and dance are inseparable for Vivien. And so "Vivien’s feet play the fiddle” as her colleague R. Gehler once aptly observed.

Always looking for perfection and inspiration, Vivien has travelled through many European countries. At courses, concerts and sessions, she learned various traditional music and dance techniques, which she tastefully and experimentally blends with the music of her native music.

When dancing and playing, Vivien is particularly concerned with the consciousness of execution. Music and dance are directly related. Using motion, the dancer can make melody and rhythm visible, develop and implement new ideas. With the melody, the musician can carry the dancers and inspire new movements.
Much like a violin, Vivien sees the body as a musical instrument as well, one which constantly interacts with the musicians and the partner.
The inner pleasure of dance (and melody) is created when musicians and dancers take each other on as musical partners, communicate and improvise, creating stimuli and maintaining attentive contact.

For dancers, clarity and awareness in body language and in the execution of the movement are essential to communication. For musicians, the understanding of each dance and the awareness of its musical possibilities is essential. On this basis, Vivien develops her courses for dancers and instrumentalists.

Selection of bands:
Malbrook (German World Music Award Ruth 2005)
Kwart (German World Music Award Ruth 2010)
T.K.P. (Winner at Duo Contest in Sant Chartier 2008)
Violin trio with Deborah Strauss and Vanessa Vromans
2PO (special dance band TFF Rudostadt 2007)
Co-organizer of the meeting Klangrausch

Instructor at:
RodCamp Denmark 2006
Schersberg ( LAG Folk Schleswig Holstein) 2007
TFF Rudostadt 2007
Pipen und Lyren 2007, 2008, 2009,
Pipenbocktreffen 2010, 2011, 2012 ff
Klangrauschtreffen 2006-2012 ff
Yiddish Summer Weimar 2011, 2012