Mitia Khramtsov (Russia; violin):

was born in 1973 in Leningrad, USSR (Saint-Petersburg, Russia now) in theatric family. In school he’s been fascinated by mathematics and computer since and received his B. A. in 1995 from Saint-Petersburg State University but preferred to become a musician finally.
Being teenager he starts to learn by himself different instruments (guitar, bass, blues harp, mandolin, percussion etc.) and plays in local bands such styles as rock, blues and folk. Gradually he’s get involved to folk music, klezmer and Balkan music specially.
In 1998 Mitia picked up violin which became his main instrument and establish klezmer band “Dobranotch”.
In 2001 Mitia join Saint-Petersburg Klezfest. Since this he’s becoming a part of international klezmer revival movement. He’s participated as student and performer in such events as Saint-Petersburg Klezfest, Moscow Yiddishfest, Kharkov Klezmer Teg, Klezfest London, Klezkanada, Ashkenaz, Krakow Jewish Culture Festival, klezmer Festival Furt and many others. Mitia has been teaching klezmer violin at Klezkanada 2012.
He played countless number of concerts including concerts at Dvortsovaya Square in a front of over hundred of thousands people for Saint-Petersburg City Day 2010 and new year celebrations 2009, 2010 and 2011, Oktoberfest 2010 (probably only klezmer gig in history of Oktoberfest) and Hanukah 2012 in The State Kremlin Palace Moscow. Apart Dobranotch, Mitia plays bass guitar in klezmer ska punk band “Opa!”, violin in  klezmer rock band @Forshpil” and  bass and violin in klezmer psychedelic punk band “Nayekhovichi”.
He’s been recording and touring with “Merlin Shepherd Kapelye”, Psoy Korolenko and Daniel Khan and recording music for movies and TV. He also have some skills in traditional dances and been teaching Russian and Yiddish dances numerous of times at different dance festivals and events. Recently, Mitia fascinated with media art and now working on audio-visual project “Displacements In Sleep. Jewish Cemetery” with “New Basis Group”.