other music e.V.

Other music e.V. is a non-profit organization based in Weimar, Germany. Founded in 2005, its current board is Dr. Alan Bern, Chairman, Katrin Petlusch, Vice-Chairwoman, and Katrin Füllsack, Vice-Chairwoman. The mission of other music e.V. is to be a think tank, an education center and a community resource, where musicians, artists, scientists and scholars from around the world join to exchange ideas, create projects, teach, and interact with students and other communities to promote an intercultural philosophy. Current projects include Yiddish Summer Weimar and Winter Edition, and The Other Europeans and Diaspora Redux were also projects of other music e.V..

For more information while the new website is under construction, please use the 2nd link below to reach an archived site detailing the mission and philosophy of other music e.V..

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