YSW Song Contest Results

During the Yiddish Summer Weimar Gala Evening on July 15, Georg Brinkmann's "Hier in Weimar" was announced as the winner of the Yiddish Summer Weimar Birthday Song contest. With great charm, humor and feeling, the song reflects on the unlikely role of Yiddish Summer in the cultural history of Weimar "between the Weimar Klassik and Buchenwald." The song was also performed during the Gala Evening by Georg Brinkmann (vocals, clarinet), Alan Bern (piano) and Vanessa Vromanns (violin) with special guest Lord Mayor Stefan Wolf on clarinet.
The runners-up were also announced: Leonid Guralnik, Chitoshi Hinoue, Sibyll Plappert, Achim Rinderle and Anna Sigalovska.

We are very grateful to everyone who composed an original song in honor of Yiddish Summer Weimar and submitted it to the Song Contest. Listen to the songs below, read the texts and get to know their composers:

Georg Brinkmann (Germany)

clarinetist, vocalist and dance leader, has established his reputation as a multi-stylist in a variety of projects. He toured Russia and Israel with the klezmer group he founded, "huljet", which received the Cultural Support award from the city of Fürth. He was engaged by the Junge Philharmonie Erlangen as a classical soloist for their tour of Poland, and he was invited by the Goethe Institute to the USA and Canada as an improvisor/accompanist for story- and fairytale-telling. He has composed for and performed in various German theaters and for a WDR television production. He is a member of the klezmer ensembles "nu", "fir", the "Intercontinental Klezmer Band" and the "Rotterdam Klezmer Band" and a guest musician with "Budowitz" and "Wajlu." He teaches at Yiddish Summer Weimar, Jiddisch Festival Leeuwarden, "Klezmer- and Balkantage Burg Fürsteneck," and he directs the Klezmertreff (meeting) in BIS Mönchengladbach and founded the Klezmer Dance Ball in Bonn. Georg Brinkmann works as a musician, music therapist and teacher in Bonn.

Hier in Weimar
T, M: Georg Brinkmann / p, voc, cl: Georg Brinkmann / vl: Vanessa Vromans


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Leonid Guralnik (Ukraine/Germany)

born in Shitomir, Ukraine, has lived in Erfurt since 2004 and since then has frequented the Yiddish Summer Weimar festival. He was one of the organizers of the first St. Petersburg "KlezFest" and is the author of several publications on the history of Jewish music and folklore in Russia.

Music and Words: Leonid Guralnik
Mezzosoprano: Veronika Gorbatova
Piano: Leonid Guralnik


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Chitoshi Hinoue (Japan)

is an art historian specializing in Marc Chagall, Chitoshi also studies Yiddish culture. especially fine arts and music. He is a clarinetist and leads the Klezmer group “ORKESTER DREYDEL”.
Since 2005, he has participated in Yiddish Summer Weimar every year except for 2006. Chitoshi is dedicated to spreading Yiddish music in Japan. In 2006, he invited Dr. Alan Bern and Christian Dawid to Osaka University to perform Yiddish music concerts and give lectures at the University and the “Fidl club” in Osaka.


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Sibyll Plappert (Germany)

is an independent medical technical assistant and lives in Großfahner (near Erfurt) and Berlin. She sings Yiddish and other songs as a street musician and sometimes performs with friends in cafés. She has been an enthusiastic participant in Yiddish Summer Weimar workshops for 5 years.

Happy birthday, Yiddish Summer
Words and melody, voice: Sibyll Plappert
Yiddish consultant and editor: Janina Wurbs
Accordion, Chor: Franka Lampe / Clarinet, Chor: Stefan Litsche
Violin, Chor: Susanne Stieler / Editing, Sound processing: Manuel Miethe


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Achim Rinderle (Deutschland)

Achim Rinderle (aka "Sonic Ahmed") plays clarinet with "A Glezele Vayn" and "Fischerinde", composes and writes poetry, improvises and produces - in short, everything that sounds has taken hold of him. To see and hear more: www.sonicahmed.net.
He lives on the outskirts of Berlin and greatly enjoys his garden and his friends.


A Goy
Words and musik: Achim Rinderle
Clarinet and voice: Achim Rinderle
Piano: Szilvia Csaranko
Time: 3:58

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Anna Sigalovska (Ukraine/Germany)

was born in 1956 in Berditschew, where she worked as a music teacher in a music school and a Jewish school.
She has lived in Erfurt since 2002.

Music and Words: Anna Sigalovska
Mezzosoprano: Veronika Gorbatova
Violin: Anna Sigalovska
Piano: Leonid Guralnik


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