Thank you to the many volunteers who helped make this website and projects of other music e.V. possible: Yvonne Andrä (video & DVD production), Lutz Baltzer (sound & light tech, audio & video documentation), Wolfgang Bauer (video & DVD production), Christian Dawid (translation, organization), Christian Dengler (architectural planning), Jason Denner (translation, planning), Roland Döringer (video documentation, archive), Richard Doust (translation), Petra Frühling (org. support), Lev Guzman (organizational support), Stella Jürgensen (translation), Olga Kozarez (kitchen, catering), Sasha Lurje (internet research & consulting, translation), Fira Michlina (kitchen, catering), Andrea Pancur (translation, protocol), Clemens Riesser (audio documentation), Laura de la Riva (translation, internet research), Paloma Schachmann (translation, internet research), Doris Schmitten (translation, protocol), Uta Tannhäuser (grant writing), Franziska Vieweg (organizational planning), Janina Wurbs (translation, Yiddish consulting), Jörn Ziller (photo documentation) and others.

Christian Dawid

I'm a musician, a teacher of Yiddish music, and a bit of a language person. Since I'm speaking and thinking English in most of my musical working situations, I translate texts for other music e.V. from English into my native German.
In my current favorite band, English is almost completely useless though: www.konsonans.com

Roland Döringer

is a bass player and music teacher. He learnt music as an autodidact, playing electric bass in several rock and jazz-rock bands around Heidelberg. He then graduated as a bass-player at the Stuttgart Performing Arts School and also in Cultural Anthropology, Musicology and Education at the RUPRECHT-KARLS-UNIVERSITÄT HEIDELBERG. He has been producing audio and video archives of the Yiddish Summer Workshops for several years, and is working on an digital archive of Klezmer and Balkan Music for the OTHER MUSIC ACADEMY.

Andrea Pancur

I’m a singer and actor, I tour with my own band “Andrea Pancur’S Federmentsh”, with the “modern klezmer quartet” und co-operate with “A Tickle in the Heart”. I teach Yiddish songs, Yiddish dance and klezmer music in workshops and at the VHS Munich. I help other music e.V. with the translations and plan to build up the library. Photo: Klaus F. Niedner
>> www.andrea-pancur.de
>> www.globalistas.de

Antonia Peetz

If I were to describe my career until now, it would look like this: Kindergarden, School, Gymansium. During this period I discovered my passion for the culture pages of the Leipziger Volkszeitung and for musicians who sit alone with their guitar on stage and sing their songs. At some point, diploma in hand, I stumbled off into the great, wide world: Weimar. Since September 2009 I've been working here for other music e.V. as a volunteer through the "social year program" as part of a wonderful team. What I like: sharing my sandwich with Taco, covering the walls of my room with postcards, warm summer evenings, philosophy and conversation about the great riddles of Life and Humanity. Superficiality is not for me. Period.

Janina Wurbs

likes to engage in Yiddish conversations or discussions on Yiddish and is as much fascinated by photography. Sometimes she even manages to connect both… [short bio].
She did translation work for the website (English to German) and is glad to have been helpful with Yiddish consulting.
>> www.fotocommunity.de/pc/pc/mypics/1417242
>> www.leagueforyiddish.org/afnshvel335336.html