Patrick Farrell (USA; accordion)

is a Brooklyn-based accordionist and composer who specializes in klezmer, new-music, various East-European folk musics, and brass bands.
His current projects include the avant-garde klezmer group Michael Winograd Klezmer Trio, chamber-folk ensemble Ljova and the Kontraband, strange and unusual duets with trumpeter Ben Holmes, and Serbian-style brass band Veveritse. He is also a member of the mighty Panorama Brass Band of New Orleans, LA, his former home, and until recently led and composed for the circus/new-music group Stagger Back Brass Band. He plays in Frank London's Klezmer Brass All-Stars and Alicia Svigals' Klezmer Fiddle Express, and also works as an arranger for various ensembles and friends.
Farrell has produced or co-produced 6 different albums and has appeared on over 30 recordings of differing kinds. He has studied accordion in Macedonia, Germany, Serbia, Hungary and Romania, and has played in clubs, concert halls, streets, and serenades all over the US and Europe as well as Canada and Mexico.