Final Concert Instrumental Workshop

August 11 Sun @Musikschule 20:00

In 2013, the world of music has opened as never before. Yiddish music is open to jazz, pop, classical, rock, African and Brazilian music - anything imaginable. Under the direction of New Yiddish Music pioneers Frank London, Alan Bern, Michael Winograd, Patrick Farrell and Benjy Fox-Rosen, musicians from the USA, Canada, Western and Eastern Europe, Israel and Asia have spent an intensive week with new ideas, sounds and energies.

The climax of Yiddish Summer workhops in 2013, this concert presents results of a creative process that pushes everyone beyond their known limits. Not only for lovers of old and new Yiddish music, this concert is for everyone inspired by moments of creation in all music and the passion of young performers discovering new worlds.

Photo: Adam Berry