A Glezele Vayn

Exploratory spirit, weird humor and playfulness meet Hungarian spice, Yiddish melancholy and Alpen-cheese. It's music from the Balkan-region, the jewish shtetls in East-Europe and the Alps.
Tone-hunter „Brezl Moyshele“ summons a lower „D“, a farm gets singing lessons and the audience gets transferred to the black sea via the Danube. Occasionally one bursts into song and some home made poetry may appear. A highly entertaining mixture between tradition and quirkiness define the special appeal of “A Glezele Vayn”. Thus not only notes get enchanted, but also listeners. The group is downright infectious for its sheer enthusiasm – and proves that spoons are not only made for eating.
photo: Jürgen Pfeiffer

>> www.glezele.de