Daniel Kahn & The Painted Bird

July 30 Tue @Reithaus 21:00

In the last five years, a new wave of energy has come into Yiddish music. The center of that wave is Berlin, and center of that center is singer/songwriter Daniel Kahn. He has shown that Yiddish song can be provocative, political and contemporary without losing its roots. Born in Detroit, Michigan, Kahn brings an astounding mastery of 20th century American folk and popular music to his encounter with Yiddish song.
With The Painted Bird, Kahn has won the German Record Critics' Annual Prize. The band has appeared throughout Europe, including Russia and other former Soviet states, Israel and North America, gathering both critical praise and audience accolades. For fans of New Yiddish Song, political song and cabaret, and anyone with a sharp sense of humor, not to be missed.
Photo: Yoni Goldstein

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