Miléna Kartowski & Omer Klein

August 1 Thu @Reithaus 19:00

The world premiere of a musical meeting between two creative powerhouses.
Parisian vocalist Miléna Kartowski has just emerged on the international stage of Yiddish music with visionary projects rooted in Hasidic music, traditional Yiddish song, Yiddish and improvisational theater and more. Young Israeli pianist/composer Omer Klein is already a star in the international jazz world. This new artistic conversation promises everything from intimate whispers to fierce shouts. Pure energy and pure music.

A shabes nakht (a shabes night)
Trying to create this musical moment, magical, moon-like and poetic, which unfurls on Friday night, when the breath of Shabbat comes in, carried by the woman’s voice. In the heart of the synagogue, the songs go through time and space and take the risk to improvise a new night. Liturgy, compositions, antique Yiddish feminine Tkhines prayers, Kiddush to the moon, Kaddish to life, king David psalms, Hassidic elegies, excerpts from the Song of Songs, improvised cantillations…
In the heart of the temple, supported by pianist Omer Klein’s arrangements, Miléna Kartowski, Hazanit for a night, risks herself in the shabbatic score of the origins under lunar skies.

Photo: Janina Wurbs (Kartowski)