Workshop Course Levels – Orientation

To help you find the workshop whose level best matches your own background, we've defined four different categories:

I.   Technique (instrumental/vocal/dance)
II.  Style/Repertoire
III. History/Culture
IV.  Language

We rank each workshop on a scale indicating how much background you should have in each category in order to have the best learning experience:

Background Scale:
   0 = none
   1 = a little
   2 = some
   3 = a lot
   4 = very advanced or professional level

These are recommendations, not requirements! They are meant as guidelines to help ensure that a workshop is neither too challenging nor too easy for you.

You can still register for a workshop if you don’t have the recommended background in all areas, but you may find parts of it difficult or confusing. The teachers will always try to handle individual differences, but in some cases you might be asked to observe some activities instead of actively participating.

For each workshop there is a contact person to answer questions you may have in advance.