July 09 20:00@mon ami
Nisht-geherte lider Unheard songs
Song Workshop Faculty Concert


July 16 20:00@Musikschule
Shtromen Currents
Song Workshop Final Concert


July 17 20:00@mon ami
Ensemble Lucidarium – Ain neue Lid: When Yiddish Was Young

The alternation of periods of hostility with those of clemency on the part of the local population, princes and ecclesiastical institutions marked the existence of the Jews who lived in the German-speaking lands from medieval times throughout the Renaissance, and the 16th century was certainly no exception. read more 


July 18 20:00@Studentenclub Schützengasse
Daniel Kahn & The Painted Bird

"The Painted Bird" concocts a mixture of Klezmer, radical Yiddish song, political cabaret and punk folk, kept together by Kahn's amazing abilities as a songwriter, translator and performer; telling stories of outrageous incidents, poetically dark, tragically humorous and politically incorrect. read more 


July 23 20:00@mon ami
Nit ibergerisene strunes Unbroken strings
Instrumental Workshop Faculty Concert


July 24 20:00@Studentenclub Schützengasse

When arranging and playing, the group can draw on the extensive and varied musical... read more 


July 28 20:00@Musikschule
Klezmer Mishpokhe The klezmer extended family
Instrumental Workshop Final Concert


August 7 20:00@mon ami
Oy fiselekh! Oy, my feet!
German & Yiddish Dance Ball with Live Dance Orchestra!


August 14 20:00@Musikschule
Zol zayn Yidish! Long live Yiddish!
"Yiddish Culture” Workshop Final Presentation


August 14 22:00@Studentenclub Schützengasse
Biz in vaysn tog arayn! Until the break of dawn 
Late-night Party with Forshpil (Riga), dance, jams, DJ & more!