Ensemble Lucidarium (Switzerland/Italy, Geneva, Milan)

is an ensemble specializing in medieval and Renaissance music. Each program is the fruit of a long period of research and preparation in various fields, resulting in a different sonority for each program: a vivacious combination of voices and instruments with the freedom in execution which comes from a solid knowledge of musical style and historical background. Although the research for the various projects is the responsibility of its two directors, the final product is developed collectively, the result of rehearsals where each musician is fully involved in the creative process.  From its founding, this combination of meticulous preparation, joyful improvisation and energetic music-making has brought both popular and critical acclaim to the ensemble.

work is currently divided between two projects: Ars Italica, which explores different aspects of Italy’s culture through its music and poetry, and Ars Hebraica, dedicated to the creative reconstruction of the soundscape of the Jews in Renaissance Europe.  These projects reflect the group’s interest in the music of “the others” - those who lived outside of the great ecclesiastic, noble or civic institutions, and in the constant exchange between the different levels of society in medieval and Renaissance Europe, including the sometimes remarkable traces it has left in today’s popular tradition.

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