Yiddish Summer Weimar 2011 ended on August 15.
Thanks to everyone who contributed to its success!
Further updates here very soon.

2011 special topic: Ashkenaz, the matrix of Yiddish and German cultures.

From its 10th century origins in the Rhineland through its great flourishing in Eastern Europe and the New World, from its near annihilation in the Holocaust to its surprising international resurgence in the last 30 years, Yiddish culture has been profoundly influenced by German culture. This year, many of our workshops, concerts and other public events explore this special relationship with the help of colleagues from German folk music and dance.

  • Innovative, intensive workshops in klezmer music, Yiddish song, dance, language and culture for students at every level, from beginners through professionals, taught by teams of the best artists, teachers and scholars in the world
  • Concerts featuring established and rising stars, old masters and new discoveries of the Yiddish music world and beyond
  • Dance balls to live klezmer music, led by master dance teachers
  • Nightly jam sessions in the outdoor cafés of historic Weimar
  • A shtim fun harts: Friday-evening celebrations inspired by Shabes, with audience participation
  • Public symposium with renowned scholars and artists

Join us in 2011 for a worldwide unique and pioneering cultural adventure!