20th Century Masterpieces of Jewish Music

August 10 Sat @Reithaus 20:00

In keeping with this year's theme of New Yiddish Music, we are proud to present a concert of 20th century masterpieces of Jewish classical music.
The centerpiece is Steven Reich's rarely-played "Different Trains" for string quartet, two recorded string quartets and sound samples of trains and voices. This incredibly powerful work uses recordings of witnesses before and after the Holocaust to create melodies and rhythms and tell a profound story. The program also includes works of 20th century Russian Jewish composers and others.

With Ludovic Lantner (France; violin), Dea Szucs (Hungary; violin), Yair Lantner (Israel; viola), Mathieu Chastagnol (France; cello), Alan Bern (USA/Germany; piano), Sveta Kundish (Israel/Berlin; voice) and others.

Photo: Janina Wurbs