Other Music Academy [OMA]

In 2009, we reached a major milestone. In recognition of the success of our projects and in support of our vision, the Lord Mayor of Weimar, Stefan Wolf, helped set in motion a process that will let us expand from festival-length projects to year-round programs in our own permanent home in Weimar. For only 1 Euro per year for the next 33 years, other music e.V. will lease the vacant 23-room former Harry Graf Kessler School (Ernst-Kohl-Strasse 23, Weimar) and develop it into an international center for intercultural, interdisciplinary projects and programs. We are very grateful to the Mayor and the city of Weimar for their partnership and trust in this endeavor!

Along with this opportunity comes the great challenge to translate the vision, values and processes that brought us to this point into new dimensions and areas of activity, beginning with the renovation of the building itself. Christian Dengler and Holger Schwarz (StudioCE, Berlin), have created a renovation plan, starting with the complete repair of the roof and all windows and doors in 2010. In the coming months and years the evolution of the Other Music Academy will become more and more visible, resulting in an institute that creates innovative projects and programs bridging the arts, scientific research, social action and education under the direction of Dr. Alan Bern.

You, the reader of this page, can help us achieve this goal by becoming a member of other music e.V. and conrtributing your time, energy, skills and ideas to our organization. If you are able to, you can also help with a financial contribution, no matter what size, that can help with everything from building materials, musical instruments, heating bills, personnel, program and administration costs and more. (please see the Donations page).

Thank you for your interest in Yiddish Summer Weimar and other music e.V.!

Dr. Alan Bern