Yiddish Summer Weimar 2014, "New Yiddish Culture,"
belongs to history!

Many thanks to all of the artists, teachers, fellows, participants, management team, volunteers, old and new partner organizations, to the city of Weimar and the land of Thuringia, to our other public and private supporters, and especially to our audiences for a wonderful year! Our first ever Festival Week within Yiddish Summer was a great success with full capacity at almost all of the audience participation events, sold-out concerts and film showings, delicious Yiddish cooking and much more. The song, instrument, dance, dance music and children's song workshops produced amazing artistic results, and the Yiddish language classes were full and very lively. The OMA building finally really came to life as a place for events, social meetings and absolutely delicious food!
The success of 2014 gives us a great starting point for planning in 2015, and we plan to announce the subject and basic schedule for Yiddish Summer 2015 by the end of September 2014.
Thanks again to everyone who helped make 2014 such a success!


Welcome to Yiddish Summer 2014!

Welcome to Yiddish Summer 2014, the intercultural Yiddish Culture festival. Our special topic this year is New Yiddish Culture. Why? Because this topic brings together some of the most fascinating and challenging cultural questions of our time: What is traditional? What is new? What parts of tradition do we keep, transform, accept, reject? What keeps an instrumental, vocal or dance tradition alive and growing?

Today, young artists creating New Yiddish Culture are responding to these questions with incredible energy and variety. read more 


Unfortunately, we have to cancel the beginning Yiddish language class due to low registration.
For those interested in beginning Yiddish, please keep an eye on the website www.othermusicacademy.eu for announcements about future classes during Yiddish Summer and at other times and places. Thank you!



with Nighttime & Daytime PROGRAMS

In 2014, we are proud to offer for the first time a special Festival Week as part of Yiddish Summer.
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Intensive Workshops in vocal & instrumental music, dance, language
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Concerts and more
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Yiddish Summer Weimar 2014 is dedicated to the loving memory of two giants of Yiddish culture who passed away this year. The lifetime work of two great women – Chana Mlotek (z"l) and Beyle Schaechter-Gottesman (z"l) – enriched Yiddish culture throughout the world in more ways than can be described or even imagined. We are grateful for their lives and work and to have known them as friends, and they will be deeply missed.

Warm greetings from Alan Bern, Director, and the whole Yiddish Summer and other music e.V. team