Susan Ghergus (Moldova; piano)

studied piano at the Music Conservatory in Kishinev and is a longstanding specialist in the accompaniment and arrangement of Jewish song. Susan is a virtuosic Classical pianist as well as an expert in Jewish dance music, and she combines the two with outstanding musicianship, blending klezmer rhythms with the melodies of Yiddish songs to create her own original, Bessarabian Jewish style.
The Chorny-Ghergus Duo is one of the most renowed groups in Yiddish music in Europe and beyond. They are laureates of the prestigious Moscow International Solomon Mikhoels' Art Festival (1st Prize). They have been teaching faculty in many festivals of Yiddish music, including Kiev (Ukraine), Kishinev (Moldova), Weimar (Germany), London (England), Moscow & St. Petersburg (Russia), Detroit (USA), Vienna (Austria), Montreal (Canada) and Paris (France).  They have performed in many of the world's finest concert halls, including the Vienna Conservatory, Munich Philarmonic "Carl-Orff", Concert-Hall "Russia" (Moscow), Queen Elizabeth Hall (London), Lincoln Center (New York) and the Council of Europe (Strasburg).
Chorny & Ghergus created the background music for a production of "God of Vengeance" (by S. Asch), that was performed during the International Festival "A. Goldfaden" (France-Romania-Lithuania-Hungary).
They've also participated in the project "Musical Culture of the Jewish People of Eastern Europe" (Austin University, USA) and in the animated film project "Lullabies of the World" (the Jewish Lullaby), and they represented Moldova in the cultural program of the Moscow International Jewish Book Festival.
Efim Chorny and Susan Ghergus are leaders of the "Theatre of Jewish Song" (Kishinev) and soloists with the "Klezmer Alliance" (Germany-Moldova-England), with whom they've performed more than 150 concerts in Europe.