Isabelle Marx (France; voice, actress, Estill)

performs regularly as a singer and actress in concerts, plays and musical theatre productions. In 1999 she founded Courant d’art, which has the goal of bringing different cultures closer through artistic projects.

Isabelle has been working for some years on a wide-ranging exploration of vocal techniques from around the world.
She has collaborated with many different voice professionals, such as the Roy Hart Theatre, Feldenkrais teachers, Martina Catella, a Paris-based ethnomusicologist, and several Estill teachers. She recently obtained her Estill Master Teacher certification, thus becoming the first Estill teacher in France.

In 2008 Isabelle took part in the project Moving Voices, initiated by the International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation, based in Brussels. This project brought six artists together, from different backgrounds and practices, around the principle of interdisciplinary improvisation, and this research continues today. In the project, she met Alan Bern who invited her to take part in his festival Yiddish Summer Weimar. Isabelle continues in this way her exploration of voice, by attempting to analyse the specific characteristics of Yiddish song.