Avery Gosfield (USA/Italy; voice)

was born in Philadelphia.  After receiving her degree from the Oberlin conservatory, she moved to Europe, where she studied recorder at the Sweelinck Conservatory, medieval music at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis, and pipe and tabor with Carles Mas at the Conservatory of Lyon. In 1991, together with Francis Biggi, she founded Lucidarium. With the ensemble, she has worked on projects tracing the influence of the Troubadours in Northern Europe, popular devotion among French Protestants and Catholics during the Reformation. In 2004, a chance discovery of some Jewish Italian sung poetry from the 16th century allowed her to conjugate her roots with her interest in early music. Since then, she has pursued the early-Jewish link with passion, winning grants from the European Association for Jewish culture, the Rothschild Europe and Hadassah/Brandeis foundation to develop programs dedicated to Jewish music and culture from the 16th century that have had over 100 performances from Berkeley from Budapest, been recorded for CD, and featured dozens of times on radio and television, besides having been the subject of several documentaries. Next to research and performing, Ms. Gosfield has lectured on a variety of subjects and has taught master classes for young professionals throughout Europe, Australia, North and South America. In addition, she has directed and arranged and written the music for pedagogic programs designed to introduce school children to early and traditional music for a variety of institutions, including the Maitrîse de Paris and the departments of Education of the city of Geneva and the Val d’Oise.

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