Katharina Müther (Germany; accordion, voice)

graduated from Freiburg Music Academy and University in 1981 and has been involved with Jewish and Gipsy music since her childhood.
She has appeared in various radio and TV-programs (national and international), worked at Mannheim Staatstheater in 1992/93 as stage musician in „Ghetto“ by Joshua Sobol and is now touring all over Germany, in Europe, Africa and the US. She lives near Freiburg im Breisgau.
Katharina loves teaching (both individually and in workshops) Yiddish and Sephardic music, focussing on improvisation and arrangement of songs.
Since 2003 she has been part of the faculty in Yiddish Summer Weimar, together with her duo partner Roswitha Dasch of Duo Wajlu, with  program director Dr. Alan Bern and many internationally estimated musicians.
Not only does she enjoy teaching. The participation in Weimar Winter Edition (since 2008) as a student is of similar importance to her in order to widen her possibilities of musical creativity.
>> www.voice-between-cultures.de
>> www.wajlu.de
Photo: Sabine Dietsche