Vanessa Vromans (Australia/Holland/Germany; violin)

was born in Curacao, grew up in Australia and studied violin in Holland.
At the Conservatoria of Maastricht and Rotterdam she not only completed her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees as classical solo violinist, but also studied at the World Music Department and learnt various World Music styles, such as Tango, Flamenco and Salsa.

At numerous workshops and private tuition sessions around the world, Vanessa learnt the intricacies of the Yiddish genre from some of the leading protagonists such as Michael Alpert, Alan Bern, Steven Greenman, Cookie Segelstein, Deborah Strauss and Alicia Svigals.  Within a short time she managed to secure a place in the international Klezmer scene, and is active in many projects.

She went on to found the Rotterdam Klezmer Band (in Holland), plays in the Intercontinental Klezmer Band (in Germany) and makes guest appearances with established bands such as ‘Khevrisa’ in the US, ‘Shtetl Band Amsterdam’ in Holland, ‘Di Fidl Kapelye’, ‘nu’ in Germany and the ‘Global Shtetl Band’ also in Germany.
Vanessa lives in Bonn, Germany.