Mathieu Chastagnol (France, Cello)

was born in 1976. He works as a professional cellist in Lyon. 
He started studying the cello with Armand Belai (a cellist of the Diran Alexanian and Pierre Fournier school). He then attended Jean Deplace's class at the Lyon National Conservatory from 1996 until he graduated in 2000. 

After that he played in several French orchestras (Orchestre National de Montpellier, Orchestre de Paris, Orchestre des Pays de Savoie) until he joined the Orchestre National de Lyon in 2003. 

He is also a keen chamber musician. He was the Istrati Quartet cellist for ten years, playing most of 20th century composers. Every year he also plays in different chamber music formations as part of the Orchestre National de Lyon chamber music seasons.

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