Alexey Rozov (Russia; violin)

Violinist Alexey Rozov was born in 1965 in Moscow and studied at the Gnessin Russian Academy of Music.

He mixes his academic violin training with jazz, klezmer, baroque and sound-engineering, which turns his performing art into a unique fusion experience.

Alexey is an award winner of the III International competition "Performers of Jewish music" named after L. Solnts (Kazan’, 2003), and the Third International Festival "Contemporary Arts and Education" (Moscow, 2008).

Alexey has also arranged various folk and popular Jewish music pieces for violin solo. He spends a lot of time touring as a violin improviser.

Other projects include being artistic director and soloist of the “Dona" ensemble (, founder and artistic director of the "Retro Dance Band" ensemble (, and soloist with the "Yosef-Kapelye" ensemble (

Photo: Kirill Moshkov