Daniel Kahn & Sasha Lurje

STRANGELOVESONGS – fremde Liebe, fremde Lieder, fremde Sprachen

The Specialists for Desire, Daniel Kahn (The Painted Bird) and Sasha Lurje (Forshpil), invite you to their program of the most beautiful malicious songs. Laugh yourself to death when you hear about lovesickness, lust, murder, nature and weltschmerz, in English Yiddish, Ukranian and Russian.

The specialists in the skill of translation switch the song lyrics back and forth, and their art, ranging from classic Tom Waits and Berthold Brecht in Yiddish to Russian ballads in English accompanied on the accordion, guitar, mouth organ, ukulele, autoharp and, of course, heart-rending singing, is guaranteed to give you goose bumps.

Photo: sanguisugus