Manuela Becker (Germany/Austria, Singer and teacher)

Manuela Becker learned Yiddish from Rafael Goldwaser and his lufteater in Strasburg and is very involved in Yiddish literature and music.

She uses various styles in her singing, and is at home interpreting various styles of Yiddish poetry as she is singing unaccompanied folk songs.

She is a lecturer at the University of Freiburg’s Institute for Judaism where she teaches Yiddish language, literature, and culture.

In August 2013 Manuela Becker moved to Vienna so that she could at last learn to yodel.

In Vienna, together with the Judaist and author Thomas Soxberger she founded the yidish-shmu’es-krayz, and she teaches Yiddish singing at the Jewish Institute for Adult Edcuation (Jüdischen Institut für Erwachsenenbildung).

Photo: Armin Bardel