Yiddish Summer Weimar goes Erfurt

This year for the first time, the inhabitants of Erfurt will be able to get a taste of the unique Yiddish Summer atmosphere, with two events in their hometown. In cooperation with the Old Synagogue and the New Synagogue Forum, there will be two very different concerts.


Far dem nayem dor – For the New Generation
Concert and CD presentation with Yiddish children’s songs
August 2, 4 p.m.
@Kleine Synagoge Erfurt (small synagogue), An der Stadtmünze 4, 99084 Erfurt
Admission: Adults: 5.00 €, children and students up to 18 years: free admission
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Cover: Mirella Frenzl

The extraordinary Yiddish Summer Weimar children will present their first CD, “Far dem nayem dor – For the New Generation”.
Together with the grownups (Alan Bern, Andreas Schmitges, Diana Matut, Vanessa Vromans, Martin Lilich) they will perform in a sing-along and dance-along concert. read more


Jam Session

August 5, 8 p.m. @Speicher Erfurt, Waagegasse 2, 99084 Erfurt
Admission free (Donations are welcome!)


Krása Stringquartet with Christian Dawid (clarinet)
Musical works by Krása, Schulhoff, Ullmann, Krein, Zorn, Schostakowitsch
August 8, 7 p.m. @Alte Synagoge (old synagogue) Erfurt, Waagegasse 8, 99084 Erfurt
Admission: 19.50 €/10.50 €
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The first half of the concert by the French Krása Quartet focuses on Hans Krása, Erwin Schulhoff and Wiktor Ullmann, all of whom were murdered in the Holocaust. Hans Krása composed his string trio, his last work, in Thereresienstadt. It was here that Viktor Ullman composed his third string quartet Erwin Schulhof already wrote his first string quartet in 1924, 17 years before he was murdered in the Wülzburg concentration camp. read more


Head Historical photo: © from the collection of the Russian Museum of Ethnography (St. Petersburg, Russia)/Photo of violinist Vanessa Vromans: © Adam Berry/Collage & design: Sayumi Yoshida