A shtim fun harts
July 31, 8 p.m. @Tanzwerkstatt
August 7, 8 p.m. @Ottmar Gerster Musikschule

Admission: 9,50€/6,50€
Reservations: support@othermusic.eu

Tickets online: July 31 / August 7

A Shabes-inpired evening with audience participation directed by Alan Bern and Sasha Lurje with Yiddish Summer Weimar artists.

In 2015 we continue with our Friday evening tradition of getting together for a song, dance, music and story night. Since 2010 we have been gathering to feel the spirit of Shabes — a day of rest, reflection, prayer and community. With this inspiration, we invite you to join us on Friday nights to share songs, music and stories, not as our audience but as our guests. The teachers and participants will bring along their own personal tales, favorite songs, melodies, even jokes, and anything else they feel like sharing, and we invite you to do the same. Bring your guitar, ukulele or flute, your story book, the songs of your childhood, your favorite dance, a joke you like and, most importantly, your joy and an open heart! Neither a concert nor a religious event, A shtim fun harts is a time set aside to celebrate being together.

Since the teachers, artists, students and guests of Yiddish Summer Weimar change from week to week, A shtim fun harts is unique each time it happens. Join us!