Free Klezmer Duos
Spontaneous musical encounters
Aug 11-15, 11 p.m. @mon ami
With Various artists of the Festival Week

Have you ever wondered how musicians play together when they're not on stage in front of an audience? Free Klezmer Duos, a project invented by Yiddish Summer Director Alan Bern, gives you the chance to "be backstage" and find out. The "insider" hit of Yiddish Summer 2014, Free Klezmer Duos is a late-night session in mon ami, nightly from August 11-15. It's a platform for musical encounters among the musicians who play concerts in the Festival Week.

There are only two rules:
1) There must always be two and only two musicians playing an improvised, unrehearsed duet, and
2) Break rule 1 if necessary. After that, anything can happen.

Be there.

Free admission