Georg Brinkmann (Germany; clarinet)

Through his work in a wide variety of projects, Georg Brinkmann, clarinetist, singer, and dance leader, has established a reputation as a boundary crossing musician.
He has toured Israel and Russia with his Klezmer ensemble “huljet”, which was awarded the Cultural Promotion prize from the city Fürth. In addition, he performed as a classical soloist with the Youth Philharmonic Erlangen on tour in Poland.
He was invited by the Goethe-Institute in the USA and Canada to provide improvisational accompaniment to stories and fairy tales. As a stage musician and a composer he has worked for numerous German theatres as well as a television production from the WDR.
He is a member of the Klezmer ensembles “nu”, “fir”, the “Intercontinental Klezmer Band” and the “Rotterdam Klezmer Band”, as well as having been a guest musician with “Budowitz” and “Wajlu”.
He has taught at “Yiddish Summer Weimar”, the “Yiddish Festival Leeuwarden”, the “Klezmer and Balkan Days Burg Fürsteneck”, and led the Klezmer meeting in BIS Mönchengladbach along with founding the Bonn Klezmer dance ball.
Georg Brinkmann lives and works as a musician, musical therapist and teacher in Swisttal bei Bonn. Translation: Jason Denner