Where do you go to if you want to satisfy your burning love for singer-songwriters, pop, and Yiddish poetry? The answer to this seemingly desperate despairing question can be found here: Yiddpop. The term was coined by creative artist Fabian Schnedler in 2007 when he decided to blend his three favorite genres and, without further ado, formed Fayvish:  Fabian Schnedler (vocals and guitar), Steffen Illner (double bass), and Lucia Martínez (percussion) put together and quote Yiddish poetry and music and place them in a new context. The songs are tales of life, of farewells, and of the small and big revolutions that have to be fought over and again. Fabian Schnedler sings these poems, written by Yiddish avant-garde poets such as Moishe Kulbak, An-Ski or Peretz Markish, and by himself, with an irresistible joy in the use of both the German and Yiddish language.

“This band's music reminds me of the Beatnik sounds of the 1950s. I'm pleased that these musicians are not only interested in the music but also in the lyrics of the songs and poems, so that they feel they need to add their own words.” (Itzik Gottesman, Yiddish Forward New York)

“This is the most individual, natural, flowing, and deeply connected take on Yiddish language and song I've heard in a long, long time.” (Alan Bern)


Photo: Manu Miethe