Tsofn daytshe un Yidishe lider un tans melodyes

3 women, 2 cultures, 1 love…

…is the motto of three of the most exciting fiddle players on today’s
international folk music scene.

North German and Yiddish folk music, each on its own already a melting pot
of exuberant dance tunes and gripping ballads. When you put them
together, the effect is explosive.

And when three such inspired and excellent representatives of their
disciplines play this music, there’s no holding back.

The result speaks for itself: Wild fiddles, earthy grooves – three fiddles, three voices, and the vibrant sound of centuries’ old dance music.

Based in New York, Deborah Strauss has been a world star on the klezmer fiddle for over 20 years. The winner of multiple awards, she is a much loved and respected artist and teacher at festivals and workshops around the globe.

Berlin fiddle player Vivien Zeller has made a unique name for herself as the soul of North German dance music. Together with the band Kwart she was honored with the German RUTH – World Music Prize.

Originally from Australia, Vanessa Vromans has quickly fiddled her way into the hearts of klezmer fans and leading artists alike. An expert on the klezmer fiddle, she also loves unconventional musical experiments.

Photo: Adam Berry