Yiddish Dance
August 5-9, 2 – 2:45 p.m. @OMA-Probebühne

Nothing expresses the spirit of Yiddish culture quite like Yiddish dance! A true folk dance tradition that evolved over centuries in Eastern Europe, it's very different from the choreographed corpus of Balkan and Israeli dance.

Yiddish Dance is easy to learn for people of any age. It creates a strong feeling of connection and community but at the same time leaves a lot of space for individuality. This short workshop presents different Yiddish dances each day, taught by different, experienced Yiddish dance teachers, and always accompanied by live klezmer music. If you already know some other folk dances, or you're just looking for something fun and active to do in the afternoon after lunch, nothing can beat this introduction to Yiddish folk dance with live klezmer music! Perfect for families.

August 5: Sher and other dances with Mark Kovnatskiy, Ilya Shneyveys

August 6: Freylekhs Sher and other dances with Deborah Strauss, Ilya Shneyveys

August 7: Bulgar and other dances with Sayumi Yoshida, Ilya Shneyveys

August 8: Khusidl and other dances with Sayumi Yoshida, Ilya Shneyveys

August 9: Hora and other dances with Andreas Schmitges, Ilya Shneyveys