Andrea Pancur (Germany; Singer, arranger, teacher)

Andrea Pancur has been described as the “guarantor of profound programs” (SZ) and the “most important representative of Yiddish culture in Germany” (Der neue Tag).

With the modern klezmer quartet she regularly pushes musical boundaries; she also guest-tours with the trio A Tickle in the Heart, and she is dedicated to her solo program ANDREA PANCURs FEDERMENTSH, which focuses on Yiddish music after 1945. Moreover, she is the initiator and chair of the Mosche-Beregowski Nachwuchspreis.

The Yiddish Forverts considered her CD Ferdermentsh- Lider fun Yidishland to be one of the most important publications of 2010. At festivals, such as Yiddish Summer Weimar and KlezWest, she teaches children, as well as adults. Her concert tours have already led her to France, Bulgaria, Austria, Liechtenstein, Israel, Italy, Switzerland, and the USA.

Awards and nominations
Main award of the jury, TFF Rudolstadt, 2014
“Volkskulturpreis” (category “Innovations“), City of Munich, 2012
Twice nominated for the “RUTH” (category “Global Roots”)
Nominated for “Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik”

Photo: Miethe Manu