Susan Ghergus (Moldova; pianist, teacher, songwriter)

studied piano at the Music Academy in Kishinev and is a longstanding specialist in the accompaniment and arrangement of Jewish song. Susan is a virtuosic Classical pianist as well as an expert in Jewish dance music, and she combines the two with outstanding musicianship, blending klezmer rhythms with the melodies of Yiddish songs to create her own original, Bessarabian style.

She has been teaching faculty (together with Efim Chorny) in many Klezmer Festivals including Klezmer Paris, Yiddish Summer Weimar, YiddishFest Moskow, KlezKanada, Ot Azoy(London), Petersburg , Kiev and Lvov  KlezFests.

The Chorny/Ghergus DUO has performed in many of the world's finest concert halls including Vienna Conservatory, Munich philarmonic "Carl Orff", Queen Elizabeth Hall(London), Linkoln Center(NY).

Efim Chorny and Susan Ghergus are leaders of  the "Theater of Jewish Song"(Moldova), and soloists of international bands "Pro-Yiddish Project", "Klezmer Alliance", "Besarabish", Wolga-Klezmer".