Final Concert Song Workshop – New Yiddish Song!

July 26 Sa 20:00 @Ottmar-Gerster-Musikschule

In 2013, Yiddish Summer Weimar offered the first workshop in the world called "New Yiddish Song." A few weeks later, the first concert of "New Yiddish Song" outside of Weimar took place in New York City, featuring many of the artists who were part of the Weimar workshop.

Yiddish Summer Weimar has become an epicenter of creativity in Yiddish culture, a place which sends waves out throughout contemporary Yiddish culture. The workshop final concerts offer a first chance to experience new projects and new directions at their moment of creation.

This year's song workshop, led by Alan Bern, Daniel Kahn, Sasha Lurje, Ilya Shneyveys and featuring very special guest artist Josh Waletzky, brings together a very broad spectrum of styles, from traditional to avant-garde. Come and hear the best of New Yiddish Songbefore it arrives in New York!